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A place to share and appreciate the rich history of the Takarazuka Revue
Please, feel more than free to share things here - perhaps you have a photo you'd like others to see. Perhaps you have some thoughts after looking at an old program or listening to an old record.

There's only three things that I ask:

  • In the spirit of keeping this a "Vintage" Takarazuka community, please try to keep any media at least 25-30 years old, and any anecdotes, etc., related to things from this same timeframe. A little leeway is always acceptable, but I figure that some general guideline is good.

  • ALL MEDIA must be placed under friends lock. No exceptions. All of the things shared here should, realistically, be long out of print and from our own personal collections, but it's probably best to be safe

  • ABOVE ALL ELSE: Respect each other and respect the things that are posted here.

I hope you have fun <3
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