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Vintage Fans, help!

Okay, calling all resources in!

Someone has sent me an old vintage photo to try and identify the subject. The signature looks like 汐風 みちみ to me, which was an earlier stage name for Shiokaze Kyouko. She also does resemble the photo in the TakaWiki, although I can't be certain. I would like to narrow things down, and have a few questions for you ladies with extensive vintage collections of pre- and immediately post-war Takarazuka.

1) Any idea of the years they used the lyre stamp on photos? The one with right-to-left "Takarazuka" in kyuujitai in the center, and "Shoujo Kageki" around the bottom, also left-to-right. I know they took the "Shoujo" out in October of 1940, but did the stamp change then as well?
2) Does anyone have any stage photos of Ryouko in makeup?


Hear ye, hear ye! All ye collectors of vintage Takarazuka goods:

Hey! sumire_no_hana found a puzzle, and I'm not certain if it's been solved or not, but I thought I would throw it out there.

Uchide Motoko -- She was listed in the 70th anniversary book as part of the 14th class of 1924 (with an unknown retirement date), but then absent from the 80th and 90th anniversary books.

She has been found listed in a Flower program from 1925 as 打出もと子, and again in a Flower program from 1926 listed as 打出基子.

If you have any programs or Otome from around that time and want to hunt for her, it would be great to try and find out more about her.
Edna Best

44th Class Classmate Talk: Their Troupes May be Separate, But Their Hearts are One

Since nothing has been posted in the comm in a while, I'm cross-posting this translation.

A little back-story on this one. This is an article from the December 1966 issue of GRAPH, featuring an interview with six of the remaining eight members of the 44th class (1957). One of those members is Matsumoto Yuri, who is still a member of Senka today. At the time, she was a member of Snow Troupe, as was Hayama Michiko, who also went on to join Senka, and remained a member until 1996 when she retired and became vice-principal of TMS. There were also three members of Star Troupe: Kamiji Chizuru (retired in '74), Nazuki Hitomi (retired in '76) and Kokonoe Sakiko (retired in '69), as well as one member of Flower Troupe: Miwa Hisayuri† (retired in '67). Miwa Hisayuri had several lead roles at the time, in Star Troupe and Flower Troupe. Because the two members of Moon Troupe were absent, and considering the author's introduction, the interview itself probably took place on or around October 27th.

(†) Most Japanese online sources list her name as splitting "Miwahisa" and "Yuri," but throughout the article her name is written as "Miwa," and I can't imagine they would drop half her name like that. So I'm going to break with tradition and write it Miwa Hisayuri.

Classmate Talk
Their Troupes May be Separate, But Their Hearts are One
Participants: Miwa Hisayuri (Flower), Hayama Michiko (Snow), Matsumoto Yuri (Snow), Kamiji Chizuru (Star), Kokonoe Sakiko (Star), Nazuki Hitomi (Star)

● From their hatsubutai, the members of this class were said to be both lovely and--more importantly--studious and serious. Their steady footprints remain in various places as they work hard on the stage. Flower Troupe is on the verge of their Tokyo Theater performance, the opening night for Star Troupe's November performance is close, and Snow Troupe had a flawless closing night for their month-long performance today. Members of these three troupes found time in their hectic schedule to come have a talk with us. We'll call them the "Best Six."

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A Photo Hunt!

Hey everyone! I have a request for all the vintage Takarazuka fans, especially those of you with collections.

I recently received an email from someone who is looking for pictures of their mother, whose stage name was Benizono Yurika (class of '61). She would have debuted in Tsukigumi's "Haru no Odori".

I did some google research to get started and found that she retired in 1967, and was a fairly prominent younger member of Hoshigumi in '64-'65 in particular. She also had a minor role in a Toho film in '62.

Anyone with any Otome or programs between 1961 and 1967, could you take a look and see if you can find any photos of her? I think she was a musumeyaku.
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Takarazuka and I: Koyanagi Rumiko

She graduated first in her class of 70 students, and then left after her hatsubutai performance to sign a contract which started her in a very successful singing career.

(I'm amused by how all of the 'titles' for these little blurbs --probably chosen by the book's editors-- grab the most dramatic and negative content, every time.)

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Roll-Call: Vintage ♥

It has been... an embarrassingly long time since anyone posted in this community. I'm hoping to get another translation or two done this month to post here and fix that, but in the meantime, how about a tiny roll-call/meme for the community?

(1) What is it about vintage Takarazuka that interests you?

(2) What decade do you like the most, and why?

(3) Are there any Takarasienne or productions that you've seen photos of and instantly wished that you could have seen them performing or performed?


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