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caithion in vintage_zuka

Vintage Fans, help!

Okay, calling all resources in!

Someone has sent me an old vintage photo to try and identify the subject. The signature looks like 汐風 みちみ to me, which was an earlier stage name for Shiokaze Kyouko. She also does resemble the photo in the TakaWiki, although I can't be certain. I would like to narrow things down, and have a few questions for you ladies with extensive vintage collections of pre- and immediately post-war Takarazuka.

1) Any idea of the years they used the lyre stamp on photos? The one with right-to-left "Takarazuka" in kyuujitai in the center, and "Shoujo Kageki" around the bottom, also left-to-right. I know they took the "Shoujo" out in October of 1940, but did the stamp change then as well?
2) Does anyone have any stage photos of Ryouko in makeup?