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A Photo Hunt!

Hey everyone! I have a request for all the vintage Takarazuka fans, especially those of you with collections.

I recently received an email from someone who is looking for pictures of their mother, whose stage name was Benizono Yurika (class of '61). She would have debuted in Tsukigumi's "Haru no Odori".

I did some google research to get started and found that she retired in 1967, and was a fairly prominent younger member of Hoshigumi in '64-'65 in particular. She also had a minor role in a Toho film in '62.


Anyone with any Otome or programs between 1961 and 1967, could you take a look and see if you can find any photos of her? I think she was a musumeyaku.


How sweet <3 I have several of the otome from the years she was active (and she was so pretty!). I'll see if I can get my scanner to work later <3
Fabulous! Do you mind if I give her your email address? Or, I can forward you her email? :D
Whatever works easier for you <3 Either way is fine with me!
Great! I CCed you into my last reply to her. :)
Saw the email and just replied! I'm glad that I could put my things to good use (Plus, now that I have the scanner hooked up and actually working, I might do some other scanning while I'm at it)
I've looked for her in the Paris memorial book and scanned and uploaded the pictures I found here:


I added the book cover since I guess she ought to be in that picture too.
If I've read the picture texts correctly she is second from the right in the Champs-Élysées photo and furtherest to the right in the two other group photos.
Thank you, those are wonderful! I've passed them on to her. :)
She was really happy and said to tell you thank you! :)
I'm glad to get some use of my collection and a Paris tour seemed like such a special event to have photos from that I was glad to find her in some photos.

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I don't think she realized how popular her mum was at the time -- Amanda found her in some advertisements as well as a bunch of Graph articles. :)